Website updates!

I'll be posting all major website updates here!

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date - 11/18/2022

version 1.1

the Flower and Polish update!

this update consists of

- music on every page of the site excluding the games!

- moved the "friends sites" box to the bottom of the page rather than the right until I figure out formating on different sized displays

- updated the backgrounds/box background for the blog and updates page

- added icons to ever page excluding the games

- more sidebar guys on the main page to make up for the new box!

- many other smaller/QOL changes!

date - 11/18/2022

version 1.03

the big ol' main page update

this update consists of

- the friends sites sidebar!

note - this will mainly come into play once I start making websites for my friends, but I might link their social medias and stuff here as well!

- added the "favorite projects" thing in the main page!

note - this is quite unfinished, I just wanted to make the menu avalible for me to use!

- added some more little guys to the side bars of the main page

date - 11/17/2022

version 1.0

finally! the first build of the website (lying)

this update consists of

- the updates submenu (this menu your looking at right now!)

note - this is currently just a reskin of the blogs page, may change it later on!

- fixed the misspelling of youtube on main screen