Welcome to my blog/journal!

I'll be posting updates on my life and shit here! its gonna be sooo cool

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date - 7/27/23

its been a nice month

I've been going all over, new hampshhire, maine, all over, I'm back home now and have been sober 4ever, which is nice, eveerything has been nicce and I should be starting HRT soon as well, I also have bluesky now! (@anxurysm.com) shits overall been way better, I'm seeing a friend sunday and hsting an evnt on saturday! still hate the world though :p

date - 6/27/23

its been EVEN LONGER!!

I've been better this past week, but overall things have kinda sucked lol .. ! I'm more sober now but ended up breaking dex sobriety a few months ago bcuz I was super suicidal, but ddrugs just dont feel super fun anymore bcuz of shitty intusive toughts : < .. luckily that gives me a reason to stay sober, but its annoying bcuz things arent as fun when I'm not on drugs and stuff lole .! I'me gonna be seeing my friends in a few days though and I'm also working on a webcomic with my friends and stuff : 3 overall life is llooking up,, I've been trying my best to stay wthin the phelosophy of jake the dog lol. I'll probably start updating this blog more now as well bcuz I privated my twitter indefinately, so this is gonna be my main plaace to post shit !! I'm also gonna start working more on a spacehey : - )

date - 4/11/23

virginina time

oh yea baby oh yea woo baby, I'm going to virginia with my pal which should hopefully be fun and not terrible bcuz hes coming with me!! also I've been big fun fun time sober for like 4 days now which is mega cool :3 dxm sober for 2 monhts as well,,, were moving up in the world!! also I might be starting a buisness soon where I host/make websites for companies and shit !! :3!! I got 180 gummy burgers as well,, life is so beautiful sometimes

date - 3/13/23

the old linux swap and organization

my birthday ruled super hard and saw some dfriends!! also I organizzed and archived a ton of my old files and shit!! shits been good recently. only thing thats been not to great is that I've been doing more drugs than usual recently but generally thats just a passing phase for when shit gets rough, so hopefully it'll get better soon :) honestly I'm not even sure if I'm doing more than usual or if I've just been sober for longer than I used to be so I notice the drugs I do more lol, but yea shits been super good and fun and nice recently and I've been seeing friends and shit!! also I've met some more cool people :)

date - 2/17/23

birthday is coming soon!! (on the 19th)

I'm gonna be having a party with some friends 2day and it'll hopefully be super cool and fun, I got like 4-5 people coming and a couple are gonna stay over! I'll take some pictures and I'll try and post them whenever I get the chance!

date - 2/10/23

happy hours!! happy days!! yipee!!

=set up a chatroom for the website :3 gonna add it to the submenus later,, ALSO lifes been super good lately and I have no idea why, just in general I've been feeling super happy =^w^=!! I lost my z key on my keyboard so now its hard to type "lulz" lulz >:3

date - 2/2/23

oh yea were so back

full of joy and life today, its gonna be -30 degrees F tomorrow so I'll probably have school off which is nice, and also I'm gonna go see my dad :3!! I also found a cool song that I really like

its so good and makes my ears so happy :P! anyways I'll probably check back in tommorow,

my mouse just broke as well, which sux :((

date - 2/1/23

even LONGER since posting!!

I' mostly jjust popping in for the sake of it, but lifes been way better recently!! I got pretty much all my shit together and now I'm just trying to pass school and talk to friends more :3 I'm also trying to get a little more sober!! which has been decently successful at least compared to a month or so ago! anyways gotta go! havea good day :)

date - 12/2/2022

a long time since psoting :PP

its been soooooo long since I've posted, much has happened other than me getting some homestuck stuffies!! I got them a couple days ago and I'm gonna make a necklace with one, I'm just not sure which yet :P

other than that I haven't been superrrr busy other than with school and shit, which is hell, but I can always just hot da bricks if I want to :P

date - 11/26/2022


sometimes I wonder if I'll look back on this blog when I"m old and frail and be like "damn, this was so cool, I'm glad I have documentation on the wacky shit I used to get up to" cuz like, I always kinda regret the fact that I never wrote anything down when I was little :P a

date - 11/26/2022

back into roblox again ^^

I got back into roblox again for the first time in years, but now I have DISPOSABLE INCOME so I made a cool little faggoty furry outfit that I like very much :).. also I'm going to a friendsgiving party later today but I dont have any gifts for the yankee swap were gonna do :(

date - 11/24/2022

the kennel is here!!

I'm writing this from inside the kennel RIGHT NOW!! but also it came a few days ago!! :P I havent posted in a while either as I've been pretty busy! also thhanksgiving SUCKED ASS, I fucking hate my family lulz... bellow is a picture of the kennel!!

date - 11/20/2022

back at my laptop

I can finally work on the website some more! I got dominoes today which was expensive but I still have enough moeny for olike... 6 months of neocities premium, and I only have to renew my domain every year lulz,,,,, today was pretty good, also I'm getting a kennel soon? isnt that awesome!! its coming in a few days along with some fair lights and a doggy bed! god I Llove being a dog :)

date - 11/17/2022

hell yea!!!

image posts work! :)

date - 11/17/2022

image test post

another test post to see how well images work in blog posts

date - 11/17/2022

the start of my cool ass website

this is more of a test post than anything, but I'm setting up the ability to make blog posts! I dont think I can add comments, as this is a static site, but still its really cool